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The Pranayama Institute, Inc. is a non-sectarian, non-profit educational public charity founded in 1997 by Sankara Saranam, dedicated to teaching pranayama methods worldwide at no cost to students.

Pranayama is the science of yogic sense-introversion, aiming to control one's mind and body through concentration and breath regulation.

For those interested in delving into the rich spiritual philosophy behind pranayama and engaging a revolutionary approach to the ancient science of yogic self-mastery, the best place to begin is in picking up a copy of God Without Religion, Sankara Saranam's highly acclaimed, best-selling, and multi-award winning "spiritual masterpiece."

In the last twenty years, The Pranayama Institute, Inc. has reached students, readers, and researchers in over seventy countries.

Pranayama Orb

Personal training in pranayama is conducted at Whirlwind Community, a self-sustainable retreat center in southern New Mexico, and online resources are made freely available to the general public through the Institute's YouTube shows.

The Pranayama Institute, Inc. is the parent company of the production network Permanent Waves TV, dedicated to providing the public with a resource on pranayama through engaging and entertaining content.

Private and group retreats are held on a donation basis. If you're interested, please use the contact form below to contact us.